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Self- Love & Beauty: How to Love You and Your Beauty Routine

by forty amsel |

Since the beginning of time, society has been telling us what we should look like to fit in with beauty standards. This also means that the unrelenting pressure has caused “beauty” to be kind of a dirty word! 

The truth is, we all want to feel confident, gorgeous, and sexy. But that is easier said than done, especially when we are constantly being bombarded with images of what the “ideal” should look like.  

As beauty enthusiasts and part of the skincare community, we need to acknowledge the overwhelming pressure for men and women to fit into this perfect body image. We’re taught from a young age that beauty is externally sourced and that our value will come from the way we look. But our worth is not just something that comes from what we have on the outside; it’s an internal process. Together the two can work to support the journey to self-love and self-acceptance and we believe the beauty industry has a significant role to play in that transition. 

So here is our mission and promise to you – the #BeyouBeReal mission! 

👉 We aim to create learning experiences and opportunities for women to feel confident to pursue their passions 

👉 With every order you place, you are helping support and fund women’s education in underrepresented industries. 

👉 We believe in empowering people to be themselves and show up unapologetically 

The journey to self-love and self-acceptance

The most challenging part of loving ourselves is accepting the parts that we don’t like. But guess what, we all have those! 

Our flaws and imperfections make up our whole being, and it’s important to acknowledge those things while also understanding they are only a tiny part of who we are. 

The role of the beauty industry in all this is to promote self-expression NOT conceal flaws. 

A step by step guide to loving your beauty routine

The most crucial step in loving yourself is acknowledging that you are worthy and valuable. 

You have a right to feel beautiful and confident, and that process can look vastly different for each one of us. 

It can mean taking care of your hair, skin, and body or cutting yourself some slack and embracing a natural look more often. Only you know the part of the journey you are on right now!  

What are the steps? 

  • Redirect all your energy to you! 
    That means all the steps you take are only about what YOU want to do and make you feel better. 
  • Identify parts of your beauty routine that work or don’t work. 
    For many people, a dedicated skincare routine is a bit like exercising or meditating. Something you do for yourself early in the morning, late at night (or both) to check in with how you are feeling. Do you love it? Then keep doing more of it! 
  • Be mindful of what you put in your body 
    This step requires a bit of extra research but is so worth it! Are the products and companies in line with your values? Research on self-improvement and mental health has shown that learning or acquiring knowledge can benefit us considerably in this regard, making us feel happier, healthier and able to make better decisions!